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WANTED: Sanity for the Average SAHM

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Crap. My cold coffee just got knocked into my lap. Gross. Bummer. But above all, FUCK.

Oh yah – I curse like a sailor. I’m sorry in advance but I’m kind of hoping my potty mouth can let loose on here rather than when my kids are around. Ya know?

Where was I? Right. So it’s Saturday morning here in NH – it’s a beautiful, sunny Fall day. The kind of day that makes you want to round everyone up and go apple picking. However, in real life it’s almost noon and neither my husband nor I have taken showers yet. The dog is laying across the pile of clothes I just folded and the kids are having a dance party out in the room we’ve been renovating for over a year. Apples, shmapples. Amirite??

Let’s get to know each other a bit. I’ll start. I’m 26 years old, married for 6 years. Our oldest son is in 1st grade, plays soccer, is allergic to tree nuts and running (I’m pretty sure) and loves zombies. Our daughter is 4 1/. And at home with me. She’s very spunky, hangs out with her brother and his friends but loves painting her nails, playing dolls and thinks farting is hilarious. She is a daddy’s girl. Our youngest son is about to turn 2 and he is our comedian. He has a bunch of food allergies so he’s the reason I got into Paleo (more on that later). This little devil is also the reason I’m a SAHM (SURPRIIIIISE!). Our dog, Chance, is 8 months old and has completed our family but neither Mr. High Five nor I have ever owned a dog so it’s been a bit of a learning experience to say the least. Ha! I am a cake baker and decorator (think Cake Boss but not quite that famous) and I run a small business. Mr. High Five is a manager at a grocery store and we’ll have LOTS of fun stories from him!

Ok enough about me. I’ll be blogging about craziness, adventures we take, adventures the kids take me on (OMG) and then some recipes and fun crafty stuff from Pinterest I attempt in my spare time. Oh and CAKES! Enjoy!